Speaking of Silence

Speaking of Silence

Visit to King and Starbreeze with FG

Current ProjectsPosted by Lovisa Bergdahl Wed, August 17, 2016 13:51:49
Me and the around 40 other Futuregames students had a blast going on company visits to King and Starbreeze.

The visits were game design and art centered (due to the education being split up into game design and 3D art) but I managed to sneak a few sound design questions in there.

This is FG15 at Starbreeze (I'm the weirdo with the striped shirt in the middle).

The companies were kind enough to let us into their offices, sharing experiences and insights with us - telling us more about the industry and themselves.

Last week we were invited to King where we were split up into smaller teams and got tours around the office. Their offices truly are something else! I believe they extended their fanbase even to a few of the hardcore AAA-loving members of my class...

This week was Starbreeze week! We were met with a bunch of experienced people from the company who told us about their company, games and values and what they are looking for in interns and employees.

These visits were very interesting and fun, and I believe both companies got themselves a couple of new fans (and future employees).